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We design private learning portals, assisting organisations and trainers to deliver learning and certification programs to their partners and customers.

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65% of Job Skills will change by 2030


Introduction to Time Management


Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

When you’re stressed, aggravated, and overwhelmed, how do you react? Do you start panicking or yelling, or do you take a deep breath and calm yourself down? 

Those with high emotional intelligence are aware of both their emotions and the emotions of others. They manage their reactions and create positive interactions. It’s a competency that leads to success.


Negotiation and Persuasion


Problem Solving

Have you ever known someone who seems to have an answer for any challenge? While some people may just have a knack for it, the truth is that anyone can develop strong problem-solving skills. 

Learn the five-step problem-solving process anyone can use. Discover strategies and behaviors to make problem-solving easier. Explore tips for rising above challenges and barriers.


Critical Thinking

As adults, we value answers over questions. We want others to see us as knowledgeable, and we feel proud when we provide solutions. Answers get all of the glory—but they shouldn’t.

Thoughtful questions spur discussion, surface new information, and challenge us to examine assumptions and think critically.

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