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The constant change and challenges facing modern leaders today can be overcome and mastered with the right skills development program.

SiyaSaran assist customers with bespoke leadership development program, that can equip leaders in your organisation for the task at hand.

Embracing the Age of Disruption

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Those with high emotional intelligence readily recognise their feelings, manage their reactions, and build positive interactions with others.


A skill that leads to success inside and outside the office, emotional intelligence is well worth refining.

Problem Solving Fundamentals

In this course, you’ll start with a five-step problem-solving process anyone can use. Then, you’ll learn some strategies and behaviours to make problem-solving easier.


Finally, you’ll get tips for rising above challenges and barriers that will inevitably come your way.

Introduction to

Team Management

Well-managed teams can achieve more together than any individual member could achieve apart—but the keyword is well-managed.

Poorly managed teams can quickly disintegrate due to confusion, disorganization, miscommunication, indifference, inaction, or even interpersonal conflicts between people.


That’s why there’s a strong need for effective team management. 

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